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Heaven's Morning

My 44th (and doubtless last!) book was published on July 30th.. It's called Heaven's Morning and it's an attempt to present the wonderful biblical vision of the Kingdom of Heaven in a way that speaks to modern people, At least it follows on naturally from my last one, At the Endomeoneof the Day - Enjoying Life in the Departure Lounge'.  This one is all about the plane's destination! As someone said at the lauch event, my previous books was about enjoying being old. This one is about enjoying being dead.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I wrote the book because I have found much confusion not only in the public arena but even in churches about what the Christian faith actually teaches about Heaven. All sorts of daft ideas persist, leading to daft questions - 'How old will we be in heaven?  Will there be cats (or dogs, or ponies), will I still have back-ache/ my gammy leg/ my poor eye-sight? And will we know the football scores? I don't answer questions like that (who could?) but I do try to offer a credible and convincing picture of the wonderful Kingdom of heaven, the fulfilled purpose of our Creator for his creatures.


Speaking Volumes

An excellent project to increase the circulation of Christian books is 'Speaking Volumes'. They encourage libraries, churches and schools to make good Christian books as widely available as possible. You can see their interesting catalogue and find out about their work at:

See my article 'Read Any Good Books Lately?' under 'Excerpts, on this web-site.


At the End of the Day

MY 42nd BOOK, was  published in November 2013.'At the End of the Day - Enjoying Life in the Departure Lounge' is a personal and wry look at the whole business of being old, from my own experience and drawing on the stories of some of the old people featured in the Bible. More about it under  News, Extracts, Events

‘At the End of the Day’ had its official ‘launch’ at the Family Bookshop, Broadway, Thatcham, Berks on November 22nd. It sold its first printing by the end of January and reprinted at once. It has since had two more reprinbts. It was in the 'Church Times' list of best-selling religious books (February 7th and again in March) and also (February 20) top of Amazon's religious books list. Frankly, I've been amazed at the response, especially as some people advised me that there was no market for books aimed at older people!

A video interview is on the BRF YouTube channel:



You may like to come along to one of the public events at which I'm speaking about the book and signing copies. So far (at Winchester, Wells, Chichester and Thatcham) they have attracted very good audiences and a lot of interest.  See the Events page for further speaking engagements during 2016, including events at Henley on Thames and Yeovil. 

Reader reviews   :

I’ve just finished your 'At the End of the day - Enjoying life in the Departure Lounge', Full of fun and wisdom, and you made me feel 30 again. Christopher Ardagh Walter

Both Kay and I have found your latest book "At the End of the Day", which we have been reading bit by bit this year, to be very encouraging, perceptive, and positive. We could identify with so much you said: it really rang true. John and kay Morison 


Periodical Reviews

Extracts from review by Peter McDowell in the 'Church of Ireland Gazette'

While not afraid to address realities that can easily mar later years - such as failing health of body or mind, loss of a life partner, loneliness, regrets and fears of being left behind in a fast-changing society - the author is very positive about the possibility of living to a fruitful old age. This is a gentle and personal exploration of what it means to grow old, written in accessible language, full of good humour, joy and hope. . .  Its optimism rooted in universal experiences will doubtless be a source of comfort and hope for those who are fearful of the ageing process, reassurinng them that the best can still be to come.

Extracts from review in Reform, the magazine of the United Reformed Church March 2014

Presents a wealth of experience and a warmth of humanity that is authentic and attractive . . . Biblical examples would make good study group material for exploring ageing . . . This spiritually satisfying, humorous and honest book is a good read - and not just for the old.

Extracts from review in the Methodist Recorder February 21, 2014

Readers should not be put off by the sub-title of his book, “Enjoying life in the departure lounge”, which is illustrative of the wry humour evident throughout. In fact, I have never laughed so much while reading a book on ageing. . . . What I expected might be old-hat turned out to be truly enlightening and to have real contemporary relevance. En route, he raises a number of issues that tend to be overlooked or played down: the tension between a desirable serenity and “the tantrums of the terrible 80s”; waiting as expectancy rather than passivity; the need for wisdom to be tinged with humility. . . .He is particularly helpful on the mood swings of old age which can cloud our vision of God and on loneliness. . . I found this short book personally helpful and pastorally valuable. It is an honest testimony of the author’s life and faith journey. Any older person will read it with profit and younger people with a greater understanding of their elders. Albert Jewell

From review in Christianity, April 2014

‘There is absolutely nothing to be said in favour of growing older’, said Patrick Moore. David Winter disagrees. He starts with Ecclesiastes 12 - ‘a beautiful but rather gloomy picture of what it means to be old’ - and argues (his case) from numerous Old and New Testament passages and characters. . . He explores what it means to grow, and be, old, revealing how scripture doesn’t focus on frailty but on how to live with purpose.

The book is well written and researched, with a generous helping of wry wit and warmth. The octogenarian author is incisive and honest as he speaks of the emotional, spiritual and physical rollercoaster of ageing. The issues of death, resurrection and the life to come are addressed both theologically and pastorally. Valuable for those involved in pastoral ministry and for carers.

Doug Barnett

From review in Church Times March 7 2014

David Winter, a skilled communicator, both reflecting on his own experiences and drawing on biblical passages, has written a book that many people experiencing old age will value. His comments are helpful and practical. He is very good at pointing out the need for old people to mix with younger people, and for the younger to appreciate the old. More primitive societies value their elders much more than we do, and we need to rediscover that.

Dr Robert Jeffery


Winchester Lectures 2014

I gave the 2014 City Centre Lectures In Winchester.  They were based on themes from my latest book, 'At the End of the Day'.  A CD is available of the lectures - enquiries to

About Me 

After five years teaching (English and Religious Studies), ten years in magazine journalism and twenty years as a BBC producer, ending up as Head of Religious Broadcasting, I got a proper job - I was ordained in the Church of England. Over the last forty years I’ve published  42 books - one novel, two biographies, an autobiography, an anthology of poetry about Jesus (The Poet’s Christ) and endless books on religious topics. My main interest now is unpacking the Bible for modern readers and applying its message to modern life.  In 2011 I  was elected a member of the Society of Authors.

As well  as books, I write a  Diary, review books and occasionally television  for the Church Times. and am a regular contributor to 'Parish Pump', which provides syndicated material for over a thousand local magazines and papers. Any editors interested in its output should contact - the material offered includes articles, features, pictures and cartoons.

 I contributed regularly to ‘Thought for the Day’ on Radio Four from 1989 until 2012, when I decided that early morning trips to Oxford were a bit much for a very senior citizen! I still lead retreats and study days and take Sunday services, weddings and baptisms to help out in local churches.

Other Interests

I’m a great cricket fan, and have written for The Cricketer in the past. I support Tottenham Hotspur and Oxford United. I love drama and opera - and watching television, which I occasionally review for the Church Times. I enjoy poetry and belong to a local and thriving Poetry Group - but I don't write it! My favourite poets are Donne, Herbert, Browning, Hopkins, Betjeman, Porter and Alice Meynell.

I share a delightful King Charles cavalier spaniel called ‘Cassia’.

I have a great family - daughter Becky (an Anglican priest), and two sons, Phil (a professional musician - his band’s called Tunng) and Adrian, who is manager of the Aram Store in Covent Garden. Adrian was married to Fiona, who very sadly died of cancer in July 2015, aged 44. My wife Christine died in 2001. I have two grandchildren - Lydia (20), currently at Kings College, London,  and Harry (18). My second wife, Ros, spends much of her time with her grandchildren in London, but has had her own home near me in Thatcham.

David Winter

Video: Facing the Darkness

A video, made for YouTube, about my  book Facing the Darkness and Finding the Light can be seen at  or at

The book was published on February 18th 2012  (see the Books section of this site for details of ordering it).

New Daylight

I contribute regularly to 'New Daylight, the daily Bible reading notes published by BRF. They are produced three times a year, with readings for each day by a panel of experienced writers. The Bible reading for the day is printed in full, so that the little book is a handy size for carrying in a pocket or handbag. BRF will gladly send a free set of sample readings, so that you can try before you subscribe!

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